Comment on WordPress SEO Plugins by SEO Dave.

WordPress SEO Plugins Under Stallion Colour Options have you ticked

Stallion Favicons ON

When on a new Stallion options page “Stallion Favicon” is added to the Stallion options pages.

Under the new options page you can select and upload favicons, shouldn’t be any need to add “ico” to the allowed file types, it works as is.

Most Stallion features that add something additional to the output (what your visitors see) of a site is off by default, when new features are added you have to turn them on.

After the next update (another big one) I’ll be working on new tutorials. Currently working on the ability to select a Layout and Colour scheme on a post by post basis. So you could have any post use any of the built in layouts and colour schemes (if I get the code working).