I’ve been developing WordPress SEO themes for so long that the vast majority of SEO features I use are built into the Stallion Responsive theme (best WordPress SEO theme available) because so few WordPress plugin developers get the SEO spot on.

Basically I find an interesting plugin or code hack and adapt it to exactly what I want and add it to my SEO theme, been working this way for over half a decade so my SEO theme includes a lot of SEO features from various plugins and code snippets I’ve found over the years.

Occasionally I stumble on a WordPress plugin that’s either perfect SEO wise and so requires no modification and/or is so well supported by the plugin developer it would be a massive headache to add to a theme and keep up to date. Below you’ll find the plugins I use mainly for SEO reasons.

Stallion WordPress SEO Plugin

WordPress SEO Plugins
Yes I developed a WordPress SEO plugin :-)

It doesn’t mess with title tags or meta tags (funny how most WordPress users think they are the be all and end all of WordPress SEO), what it does is use canonical URLs as a replacement for the noindex robot meta tag features built into the popular plugins Yoast WordPress SEO and All In One SEO.

If you want to understand why I developed this plugin, go read about my SEO Plugin. Note this plugins features are built into my latest SEO theme Stallion Responsive.

W3 Total Cache WordPress Performance Plugin

W3 Total Cache WordPress Performance Plugin
A few years back I wouldn’t have called the W3 Total Cache a WordPress SEO Plugin, but WordPress SEO 2014 things have changed and site performance is VERY important to Google search engine rankings and so WordPress caching has become important.

Google now takes how fast a page loads into account in it’s rankings and so where before it was important to give your visitors a good user experience via a fast loading website because a happy user is a returning visitor, today a happy user also means Google won’t downgrade your sites rankings.

I’m not going to explain how to use the W3 Total Cache Plugin because there’s lots of great W3 Total Cache tutorials indexed in Google (do a search or three) what I will say is the plugin does a good job with minifying code (HTML, CSS and Javascript), adds some really good rules to your .htaccess file and of course caches your content which is all important for WordPress performance.

I’ve used WP Super Cache for years (February 2014 and using WP Super Cache on this site), but as I maintain my sites (I own over 130 domains) I’m switching them to W3 Total Cache for the extra SEO performance features.

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