Comment on Comments WordPress SEO Plugin by SEO Dave.

WordPress SEO Comments Plugin Personally I always turn pingbacks off, I’ve found it results in too much temporary SPAM links where a link is added to a page temporarily just for the trackback and when you check the page the link is gone. I run so many sites with so many potential pages to add trackbacks to I don’t have the time to check out real trackbacks.

Also when I see WordPress sites with trackbacks on I never read or follow those links. I think they clutter the comments area.

Then there’s internal trackbacks, they tend not to read too well and remember default WordPress adds nofollow attributes to all comment links (nofollow deletes link benefit!!!) so if you want your posts to link together use something like the related posts plugin from the SEO plugins page as that will pass link benefit (there’s no SEO harm in linking internal related pages together, it’s good SEO practice).

I’m thinking about adding the option to have dofollow links in comments rather than the form post button links that pass no link benefit. Will give Talian 05 users the option of blocking passing link benefit (without wasting link benefit as you get with nofollow) or allowing comment author links to pass link benefit.