Comment on Comments WordPress SEO Plugin by SEO Dave.

WordPress SEO Comments Plugin Hi Mark,

The More links if I recall correctly are hard coded into the main WordPress files (not part of the theme).

That said there’s 2 ways around this. One is to code a theme to automatically show an excerpt like you see for the home and archive pages on this theme (check the more links on the home page for example, they are automated).

Second way is to use a WordPress plugin.

There are pros and cons for both versions. The first option means no editing by the user (so easy to implement), but unlike the plugin version it stops another plugin I use (Alinks) from linking from keywords within the excerpt of archive pages.

I plan to add a list of useful plugins to use on this site when I get the time and so they’ll need to work with the templates for sale.

If you compare these 2 home pages

Plugin –
Non-plugin –

You can see the plugin version has links within the excerpt content (good for SEO reasons).

I’d like to put both options in with the default being plugin free and the plugin version only working when the plugin is installed. So far hit a brick wall with this, but will get it eventually.

BTW if I update a theme someone has paid for I’ll automatically send them the latest version, unless it’s a rewrite like the difference between versions 02 and 03 of my AdSense themes (I don’t see that happening though, the current AdSense code is great).

Not sure what you mean about RSS links on archive pages? Basically RSS links waste PR/link benefit and can mess with SERPs because occasionally the feed page is better optimized than the original posts. Since the feed pages lack clickable links visitors can’t access your blog when they enter your site into a feed!

For this reason it’s best to rel=nofollow as many RSS links as you can. Some are hard coded, so can’t get them all without editing the main WordPress files (I can do it, but many users can’t).

Other than those RSS feed pages all others pages have standard links and so archive pages (monthly, category, daily etc…) should still be fully indexed as long as the theme supports that type of archive (some by default don’t show a daily or yearly archive for example).