Comment on Comments WordPress SEO Plugin by SEO Dave.

WordPress SEO Comments Plugin I based the new WordPress SEO plugin on the SEO Super Comments WordPress Plugin by Prevolac.

I’ve been working with the plugins code for years, I first created an SEO version for the Talian 5 SEO/AdSense theme (about 5 years ago) and when I updated Talian 5 to Stallion 6 WordPress SEO I added a highly modified version of the SEO Super Comments plugin directly into the theme.

The Stallion theme I develop is currently in version 8 (Stallion Responsive) and includes a HIGHLY modified version of the code that’s integrated with dozens of other theme SEO features.

As you can see have spent a lot of time on developing with the SEO Super Comments plugin code over the past 5 years.

Unfortunately the author (Vladimir Prelovac) of the SEO Super Comments plugin is no longer developing the plugin (no update since 2011) and the plugin is seriously out of date and broken: doesn’t work because when WordPress added canonical URL support it broke the SEO Super Comments.

My new WordPress SEO Comments Plugin is based on the SEO Super Comments plugin, but with significant modification.

I’ve fixed all the code warnings and errors, updated depreciated WordPress code, completely removed the comment author link options (potentially SEO damaging) and changed the way the links to the comment pages are generated which should fix the issues where the SEO Super Comments plugin didn’t work with some WordPress themes.

The old plugin used preg_replace (PHP function) to find the comment author links or author name and replace it with a link to the SEO Super Comment. This was prone to failing, for example it didn’t work with Talian 5 (one of the reasons I had to create a modified version all those years ago), and when I was creating my WordPress SEO plugin this way of generating the comment link resulted in the WordPress Recent Comments widget (in the TwentyFourteen theme) had it’s comment author names and URLs replaced with the SEO Super Comments links and in some cases the links were broken!

This way of adding comment page links has been completely replaced with the more recent WordPress add_filter API linking into the comment_text output. Shouldn’t matter what WordPress theme you use, the add_filter function should add the comment links to the bottom right of all comments. Basically if the theme you use, uses the “comment_text” (pretty sure all themes do) a comment page link will be generated at the bottom right of your comments.

David Law