Comment on Comments WordPress SEO Plugin by Sergey Steklov.

WordPress SEO Comments Plugin I believe that this is not right!
Non-optimized categories and tags it too duplicate content.
However, the problem is that if there is competition for your keyword, and if this category page will have its unique, optimized descriptions, such pages would not go traffic from search.

Will not go because there is no added value (uniqueness) page. For pages that participate in the SERP must be a unique value (unique content):
-for categories, tags, unique description;
-for the master is a static page, or the built-in widget with a unique description;
-for records is a unique post;
-for pages of comments is comments

So search engines easier to distribute content.
Your plugin generates a lot of unnecessary and non-unique pages that create duplicate content spend page weight with fasting.


You are right that links with anchor text for better SEO and usability. But I meant free plugin. Yes, pay better. It’s a little easier for the user.

But I still believe that we should not generate so much non-unique pages of comments. Content (value) on such pages is very small.

Typically, customers do not write very large comments. A maximum of a couple of paragraphs. I think that it is not necessary for these couple of paragraphs to form additional page. Moreover there is no retaliatory comments from other users. That’s too bad.

Look at the forums. There’s content is divided into pages (1, 2, 3, 4 …) So there’s little more useless comments. The entire flood (useless messages) are removed. Thus, all messages are related to the topic.

Thank you for your work!