Comment on Comments WordPress SEO Plugin by Sergey Steklov.

WordPress SEO Comments Plugin Still, it is inconvenient for the user! A lot of unnecessary links to View Comment. Moreover, the content View Comment is based on the author of the comment. This is a bad thing. The user will not be fun to watch content only 1 author. It is interesting to see related entries on the subject. For example, see the response comments from other authors.
To do this, the user have to follow links. This extra traffic, which is bad for usability.

Better when there is a simple pagination of comments. A user comes on:

. ../post/comment-page-2
It is on this page sees the comment of one author + other useful comments from other authors. In the end, this page more useful content on the topic. Also on this page, you can see the response comments. It is very good for usability. So very convenient.

Your plugin is-there is no such comment on the page. This is a bad thing.

I believe that the idea of the plugin correctly. However, the decision was a bad way. You cannot create a page View for one Comment comment author. It is better to make a page with many authors comments-(page navigation). For example:

. ../post/comment-page-2

But to do so was:

This is to comment pages indexed. That is, the canonical link coincides with the address of the page comments. It’ll be good for SEO. These pages appear in the index.

Also need to display comments on the page only announcement post (article). So improve the uniqueness of page. Also improved the usability of the site. The user can immediately get to the comments.