Comment on Comments WordPress SEO Plugin by SEO Dave.

WordPress SEO Comments Plugin I covered this in a comment I made on a review of the WordPress SEO Comments Plugin, here’s the comment I made to this point:

“You are creating tons of repeatable content, which stands for low quality web pages.”

I guess you mean duplicate content when you say “repeatable content”.

Do you have any sort of archive on your WordPress Blog, dated, home page archive, Categories, Tags even the search pages?

I would assume yes since that’s core WordPress.

All the content within those WordPress archives are duplicated content, do you think Categories are low quality webpages? Or the webpages linked from the categories are low quality?

The content on the categories is reused on the posts or the content on the posts is reused on the categories (depends on how you look at it).

Could be argued we only need one copy of the content, we could add all the content to a small set of category pages (no blog posts, all the posts content directly on the categories: that’s what WordPress does with comments), but that wouldn’t be very user friendly. Visitors would have to scroll through pages and pages worth of content to find what they are looking for.

This is how the WordPress SEO Comments Plugin works with comments.

The comments load at the bottom of your blog posts a sort of comment category. The links go to the comments which are similar in format to WordPress posts.

We could have all the comments stuffed on one page (how most WordPress sites work) or allow Google to index individual comments so search engine visitors can find specific content on your blog.

Search Google for: WordPress Meme Generator Plugin

The second (will change over time) result goes to:

That’s a blog comment, is that low quality content?

The main post the comment is attached to is at currently there’s 27 comments (almost 100 comments now), is a search engine user happened to find that page for the meme SERP (highly unlikely) they would have to look through the entire article and up to 27 comments (100 comments now) to find the relevant information. Is that user friendly?

Google likes the comments like the one above, WordPress comments are content after all, now if you allow really low quality content on your blog, that’s why you’d have low quality content on your blog.

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