Comment on Comments WordPress SEO Plugin by Jay Hoque.

WordPress SEO Comments Plugin I’m having the same problem as fruityoaty. I really like the idea, and the results, your plugin produces. But my MOZ site crawl threw up 461 duplicate titles after I installed the WordPress SEO Comments Plugin.

And I get that you don’t approve of Yoast SEO, but I’ve tried with All In One SEO and SEO Ultimate. Neither of them worked. And I’m also thinking of trying SEOPressor premium plugin. But I suspect it will be the same story.

After a lot of experimenting, what I found was that with AIOSEO and SEO Ultimate, if I don’t enter anything in the ‘SEO Title’ field, there is no duplicate title issue. So with those two plugins it does work to some degree. But it means you can no longer write a variation of the title to show up in serps. It has to be exactly what the post title is.

But in terms of other functionality, Yoast does seems better for most users. It’s a lot easier to understand for the novice.

However, if there’s a better alternative that works with your plugin, I’d be happy to ditch Yoast. It’s time for a change I think. :-)