Comment on Comments WordPress SEO Plugin by SEO Dave.

WordPress SEO Comments Plugin Yes it costs link benefit to index your comments as WordPress SEO comments. Every link from a webpage requires PR/link benefit.

The worst thing you could do though is nofollow the comment links, nofollow deletes the link benefit rather than conserve it (pre 2009 it conserved the PR for the do follow links, Google changed how it treats nofollow).

Current best SEO practice is avoid using nofollow for anything, especially for internal links.

The cost of indexing the WordPress SEO comments is relatively small and the SEO benefits are worth it.

1. You are linking to an internal webpage that links back to the main post using relevant anchor text. Your comments when turned into WordPress SEO comments are acting like a WordPress post silo because the comments are related to the post and they link back.

2. The PR passed through the links is spread further through your website, it’s not lost link juice, it’s doing SEO work. If you nofollow the links there’s no PR passed through the links which means Google will index them as virgin webpages (webpages with no incoming links**).

*I’ve been testing how Google treats the WordPress SEO comments pages when there are no links to them (added them to a Google XML sitemap and submitted via Webmaster Tools) and the results are not good. WP SEO comments pages that have the links will rank in Google for relevant phrases, especially very long tail SERPs. However, the unlinked (only linked via the XML sitemap) are spidered and indexed by Google, but they tend not to rank for anything. To be worthwhile they need the link and if you added a nofollow link it would be the same as having no link.

Been researching SEO for almost 15 years and you can pretty much guarantee everything I do is thought out to this level SEO wise.

If you want even better SEO of the WordPress SEO comments check out the Stallion Responsive theme, it includes a more advanced version of the WordPress SEO comments plugin, see the anchor text rich link to the WordPress SEO comment in the bottom right on this comment (anchor text is “WordPress SEO Comments and Nofollow”), that’s the Stallion Responsive version. With Stallion Responsive the SEO is far more advanced.