Comment on Comments WordPress SEO Plugin by SEO Dave.

WordPress SEO Comments Plugin The WordPress page template is optional when using the SEO comments plugin, you don’t need it.

If you find the output not to your liking, say something that’s part of your theme just doesn’t work with the WP SEO comments pages output, that’s when you make a WordPress page template to add/remove theme features (change the code).

In short you would make a copy of single.php, make a copy name it single-2.php for example.

Edit single-2.php in a text editor and modify the code to add/remove the problem features.

by doing this the original single.php file (that’s used for the blog Posts output) isn’t changed, all that’s changed is what you see on the WordPress SEO comments pages.

Since every WordPress theme is different it’s impossible to give code examples, it wouldn’t work with your theme without me having a copy of the theme, installing it, see what the output looks like and making a single-2.php file myself: not offering to do that, pointing out you are on your own, I only offer code advice on Stallion Responsive modifications :-).

On the WordPress SEO plugin options page I do give an example code change for TwentyFourteen.