Comment on Comments WordPress SEO Plugin by Erik.

WordPress SEO Comments Plugin Hi Dave, one question for you on the “Stallion SEO Recent Comments” widget. Til now I have been using the previous “XX Stallion Recent Comments 12” widget.

My question is, would using the newer “Stallion SEO” widget give additional SEO benefit, in terms of not wasting link benefit on those comment links? Or does the old “XX Stallion” comments widget do the same, in terms of preserving link benefit?

If it does not do so, I’d like to switch to the “Stallion SEO” comments widget. However I was wondering if there was a way to use it without showing comment excerpts or gravatars (I don’t see any explicit feature in the widget for turning these off).

My reasoning is that I like these recent comment links in a tight compact box (with the excerpts & gravatars, it takes up a lot of sidebar real estate).

However if there is no SEO/link benefit difference between these two, I suppose I’d just stay with the “XX” widget.

Thanks much!