Comment on WordPress Page Templates Tutorial by Mark Biernat.

WordPress Post Template Dave you have given us blank WordPress page templates for sales pages. I think one thing I have not really followed up on is making amazing looking squeeze pages for a particular product or to get someone to contact me. For example, one of the hats I wear is I sell real estate. I have people landing on my blog, yet conversion is low. I need to increase this is perhaps a well designed squeeze page.

My future request is you might want to offer some canned ones that can easily be modified. Or sell these as an adjunct as I think a reasonable number of people here are marketing something.

In lieu of that, I have a question. What would be the best way to make one within the theme, besides using a landing page plugin. I was thinking of creating an html page in an GIMP and then slicing it and making it html. Then putting it inside the page.

Or using a WYSISYG plugin for WP.

Or simply add images to the sales page with the WP editor.

Or diving into CSS and create divs on the template and save it.

What approach would you take if you wanted to create a professional looking squeeze page that would convert?