Comment on WordPress SEO Meta Tags 2016 by SEO Dave.

WordPress SEO Meta Tags The Stallion SEO theme has built in meta tags that in the case of the meta description tag needs to be disabled if you want a WordPress SEO Plugins that can add a custom meta description tag, otherwise you’ll have two meta description tags and the Stallion one will probably be used by Google (first in code).

If you are using a WordPress SEO Plugin that allows you to build a custom meta description tag disable the Stallion meta tag as follows.

Stallion Theme >> SEO Advanced

Tick the “Automated Meta Description Tag OFF” box.

As a side note I don’t write custom meta description tags for two reasons.

1. I don’t have the time, would rather spend that time creating more content for posts etc… IF I owned one site I’d have the time, but I own 100 domains.

2. I’m not very good at writing ad like descriptions, if a meta description tag doesn’t read like a compelling ad that Google searches are likely to click there’s not much point creating custom descriptions.

On my sites I’m turning the Stallion meta description tag off and leaving it to Google to automatically generate a relevant description.

I’ll probably be adding a new option to Stallion that it will only add a meta description tag where a custom excerpt has been added to a post etc… (Stallion will use a custom excerpt from a post as the meta description tag, so it can be used as an ad like description) since the likelihood of the first X number of characters of a post reading like an ad is LOW.