Comment on WordPress SEO Meta Tags 2016 by Erik.

WordPress SEO Meta Tags Hi Dave, I followed your advice on turning off the automated meta description tags and it worked just as you said it would.

For my /tag/ pages search results (ie, , Google now selects text to display from within the relevant posts, rather than the generic blog description tagline which it was doing before. So that is going in the right direction.

However I also wanted to implement your other suggestion, that is, to write an ad-like excerpt for these pages. I know there is an “excerpt” feature in WordPress on posts and pages. However, I can’t seem to figure out how to write an excerpt for the tag pages themselves.

Just taking a stab at it, I tried to write a custom excerpt in the “description” value of the tag page within WordPress, but after giving it some time, it has not changed anything in the Google SERPs. So I guess I was totally off, or perhaps it isn’t possible to do this with /tag/ pages?

I know you said this has no SEO value, but my tag pages tend to appear fairly high in SERPs, which is why it is of some concern to me in the interest of encouraging click-through on those pages.

Appreciate all the work. I can see the comments keep flowing here!