Comment on WordPress SEO Meta Tags 2016 by Erik.

WordPress SEO Meta Tags Hi Dave,

I had a question about the blog description feature, and I hope this is the best category to post this question.

I don’t know if you have an answer, but here goes:

Previously while using the talian 4 theme, I did not have the below-title blog description activated on my blog. However after upgrading to Stallion, I decided to begin using it (loving the Stallion theme btw).

A lot of my tags happen to show up in Google search results. While using talian 4, (ie, without the blog description activated), the accompanying text would be something related and relevant to the search (ie, if the tag is “amish-furniture”, the text snippet would be taken from one of the posts tagged “amish-furniture” and thus have some relevance to the topic/search). I felt this was maybe not perfect but pretty good SEO-wise.

However, now with the description turned on below the main blog title, all my tag results simply use this general description (“Exploring Amish Culture and Communities”) without any other helpful keyword-relevant text snippet, which is much more generic and I feel less helpful in encouraging searchers to click.

I didn’t know if this might be a feature of the theme, or just wordpress itself, or… If you have any idea on this, much appreciated!