Comment on WordPress Language Translation by SEO Dave.

WordPress Theme Language Translation I’ve not converted WordPress core to another language translation, so not the best person to ask. Here is where I’d start. If you search Google for : WordPress Language Translation Khmer there’s some guides.

When you have WordPress core converted Stallion includes built in support for converting the Stallion English text (what your visitors see in a browser) on the Stallion Language Options page: there’s not a Stallion Khmer translation, though it’s easy to achieve. Basically two choices, change the English words to Khmer on the Stallion Language Options page or create a Stallion Language file (edit the file /stallion-seo-theme/languages/zz-custom-language.php) that includes those words and select the custom language to install what you added to the file.

You can convert most of a site (what your visitors see in a browser, not you when logged into your Dashboard) just using Stallion. Ideally you would convert WordPress core as well since some text that’s output for default widgets is handled by WordPress core, though if you avoid some widgets you can get very close to full conversion just using Stallion if converting core is too difficult.