Comment on WordPress Language Translation by SEO Dave.

WordPress Theme Language Translation Have been adding more language translation files to Stallion using Google Translations.

These are the current language translations that will be available in Stallion v7.1 (plan to release this month).

English : en-english.php (Defaults)
Arabic : ar-arabic.php (Google Translation)
Bengali : bn_BD-bengali.php (Google Translation)
Chinese : zh_CN-chinese.php (Google Translation)
German : de_DE-german.php (Google Translation)
French : fr_FR-french.php (Google Translation)
Hebrew : he_IL-hebrew.php (Google Translation)
Hindi : hi_IN-hindi.php (Google Translation)
Italian : it_IT-italian.php (Google Translation)
Japanese : ja-japanese.php (Google Translation)
Malay : ms_MY-Malay.php (Google Translation)
Norwegian : nn_NO-norwegian.php (User Translation)
Persian : fa_IR-persian.php (Google Translation)
Polish : pl_PL-polish.php (User Translation)
Portuguese Brazilian : pt_BR-portuguese-brazilian.php (Google Translation)
Portuguese European : pt_PT-portuguese-european.php (Google Translation)
Russian : ru_RO-russian.php (Google Translation)
Spanish : es_ES-spanish.php (User Translation)
Thai : th-thai.php (Google Translation)
Urdu : urdu-urdu.php (Google Translation)
Custom Language : zz-custom-language.php

I’m using Google Translator for the basic translations using this URL


If there’s a Google translation on the above page you’d like to see as part of Stallion let me know.

The Google translations will not be perfect, I’m hoping those who use the language files and adapt them will send me a copy so I can include it with the next Stallion release.

All you have to do is after Stallion 7.1 is released is look in the folder


for the relevant file, fa_IR-persian.php for example for the Persian translation.

Edit the file in a text editor using carachter encoding UTF-8, make the changes to improve the translation, it should be obvious what to change.

$st_options10['st_lang_comname'] = 'نام'; # Name

Save the file and email a copy to me.