Comment on WordPress Language Translation by delta.

WordPress Theme Language Translation Thanks for your help!


instead of changing it throughout all the files, it is much easier to include a separate css-file with the necessary changes. Thus you only need to include it again after your updates :) (btw: border gone :D )

As for the language: of course I use several browsers, all of the above except Safari but I also use K-Meleon. And even after clearing the cache, or changing to an “unused” browser not all the changes show up. Since my work around (translating the en-file) presently works, it is not on top of my list. (But I’ll get to it later)

I hear you about changing the core files. You’re right, I will keep the changes to a bare minimum, always using the child theme, and keeping track of my changes. So far I’m not afraid of your next update: one css file and one php file – a doddle.

ps if you’re in free editors, give “Komodo Edit” a look. It works both under Windows and Linux (Mac???)