Comment on WordPress Language Translation by SEO Dave.

WordPress Theme Language Translation If you want every instance of a bit of code use a txt editor like Crimson Editor (it’s free) and use a find in files facility for the code, you’d be looking for

the_time('F jS, Y')

There are around 20 files to edit if you want this change sitewide, they’ll be changed in Stallion 7.2 which I’ve not officially started work on yet (always have a working copy I edit as I go along with bug fixes, new features etc…) and have no time frame for release: hate doing small updates, like to make them worthwhile so add lots of new stuff before considering a release (unless it’s a serious bug fix then it’s ASAP).

The code is pretty much the same for each file, so whatever you did for single.php should work with those.

The border around the slider will be CSS code, edit the relevant layout-****.css file for the layout you are using (found under /colors/) and edit-

#st_feature {
border: 1px solid;

If you wanted this change for all layouts edit all the 12 layout files.

Try CTRL F5 to clear your cache. If using a cache plugin clear the cache and it should work, if not use multiple browers, I have FireFox, IE, Chrome, Safari, Opera so when I think the cache isn’t clearing check it in another browser.

If you are making these changes directly within the main Stallion theme folder and not a child theme remember NOT to use the auto update because all your changes will be overwrote. If a child theme they’ll be fine, but take into account when editing core files this way when I do an update the main Stallion files will be ignored, so you might miss out on feature updates and bug fixes.

The date change above is 20+ files, that’s almost all the core WordPress template files for main content and the Page templates, I can pretty much guarantee they will change between most updates, same with css files, new features almost always require a bit of CSS tweaking.

Next update for example I’ll be including a fix for the Google Translation widget CSS that messes with the gradient colour schemes, basically Google’s CSS code is overriding the gradient CSS resulting in the colour gradients not going from the top of the site to the bottom, it instead stops and restarts at the bottom of the browser window. The fix involved adding a new div around the entire site which is used to reference the gradient CSS code, before the gradient CSS was applied to the body tag in 7.2 to the new div. This ‘breaks’ the WordPress core background colour settings because the body tag is filled with the new div (no space for the background image to show) so have to play around with that code before release so the background image is the background of the new div instead of the body. While looking into this found an interesting plugin that adds the ability to add backgrounds to various parts of the page, so thinking about adding it to Stallion (doesn’t work with Stallion out the box, but an interesting feature possibly worth looking into).

As you can appreciate I don’t support older code (not going to explain how to upgrade a modified 7.1 file to work correctly in 7.2 etc…), so whatever changes you make you should keep a basic record so you know how to make the same changes in a new version. More changes you make, more you have to check to do a upgrade correctly,made this mistake myself when editing scripts, end up in a scenario where you realistically can’t update!