Comment on WordPress Language Translation by delta.

WordPress Theme Language Translation As promised – I’m back.

# item: correct date format and position for front page excerpts
The issue (date, position) is now solved for the single post page, but it remains the very same for the front page. I need to have the date fixed there too and would like to move those data also BELOW the post excerpt just above the “Continue reading”

Which template do I have to change?

# item: front page slider
Is there any way to get rid of the border around the slider?

# item proper German language file
I still need to see more to provide one working fully in all circumstances. And the language settings proof resistant to instant change. I need to clear the cache, which sometimes helps, but usually I have to “save” a browser for checking on new settings, which after having used up all my “very first” sessions with a browser, won’t change til the next reboot – what am I missing?

Thank you

ps notification seems to work now :D