Comment on WordPress Language Translation by delta.

WordPress Theme Language Translation Apart from some Google translator mistakes in the translation for German

(which I will fix as soon as I have enough content to check on the messages – German grammar is not always in agreement with Google translation)

there’s a glitch in the display of dates:

When I use the default English settings with the date on pages and posts on:

+++ Example 1 [dates on]+++
“New Produkt – must have!”
Posted on Juni 29th, 2012 in Promo/Sales

+++ +++ +++ +++ +++

I can turn of the post date (Stallion Feature?), and it is no longer displayed.

The post then will look something similar to this:

+++ Example 2 [dates off]+++

“New Produkt – must have!”
Posted in ‘promo/sales’
+++ +++ +++ +++ +++

This is all very fine and works as expected.

Now I turn dates on and set the language to German:

+++ Example 3 [dates on] [language DE] +++

“New Produkt – must have!”
Verfasst am auf Juni 29th, 2012 in ‘Promo/Sales’
+++ +++ +++ +++ +++

(“Verfasst am” = “Posted on”)

The “auf”-part is simply wrong (like “… sitting here at on the table …”

When now I turn the dates off

+++ Example 4 [dates OFF] [language DE] +++

“New Produkt – must have!”
Verfasst am in ‘Promo/Sales’
+++ +++ +++ +++ +++

The date duly disappears (with the wrong “auf”-part), but the text label “Verfasst am” is still there :o

So how do I get rid of that? I will live with dates on my pages (something I don’t really fancy) but it hss to be the correct form – everything else is simply not professional.

And somehow the date format always is “May 5th, 2012”. Germans use “5. May 2012” thus walking from the smallest unit to the next bigger one. Of course, I’ve got the WordPress date settings right and I do use the German version of WordPress.

And one more: how can I turn of the display of the category “posted in “Promo/Sales”?