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WordPress Theme Language Translation If you look at the home page of this site and scroll to the heading “Stallion Theme Colour Schemes” you’ll find example links to the current 27 built in Stallion colour schemes. The ability to use a different colour scheme on each post is a Stallion feature BTW.

Because Stallion is BIG (almost 10MB zip file) I’ve no plans to add more colour schemes, images sets etc… directly into main Stallion, the zip file size is already causing issues with some users having to change their sites maximum file upload size to above 10MB or use FTP to install (greatest number of support requests I receive!!).

The plan is to push new colour schemes and image sets to Stallion Child Themes. There’s a free example child theme at Stallion Child Theme Information.

I added child theme support this month, so a new feature, not many child themes made yet. WordPress child themes are cool, it’s like installing two themes at the same time and they work together. A Stallion child theme can add to main Stallion (like adding new colour schemes, image sets etc…) and/or be used to add/edit features. If someone with average CSS skills wanted a layout with a 600px sidebar that can be achieved by creating a copy of a single CSS file with not that many changes.

Stallion has advanced language support for what your visitors see, all Stallion options pages are in English only (your visitors don’t see them). There are currently 20 languages available within Stallion and if a user can translate these phrases

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Stallion WordPress SEO Theme

Stallion can be easily translated to any language in two ways.

1. Directly on the Language options page, each of the above phrases are an option, go to the Stallion Language Options page and type whatever the translation is and save the options page.

2. Via a language file, there’s 21 files including the custom file for any language currently not built in (can add more language files in future updates). The text below is copied from the Stallion Language Options page-

Use Current Settings
English : en-english.php (Defaults)
Arabic : ar-arabic.php (Google Translation)
Bengali : bn_BD-bengali.php (Google Translation)
Chinese : zh_CN-chinese.php (Google Translation)
German : de_DE-german.php (Google Translation)
French : fr_FR-french.php (Google Translation)
Hebrew : he_IL-hebrew.php (Google Translation)
Hindi : hi_IN-hindi.php (Google Translation)
Italian : it_IT-italian.php (Google Translation)
Japanese : ja-japanese.php (Google Translation)
Malay : ms_MY-Malay.php (Google Translation)
Norwegian : nn_NO-norwegian.php (User Translation)
Persian : fa_IR-persian.php (Google Translation)
Polish : pl_PL-polish.php (User Translation)
Portuguese Brazilian : pt_BR-portuguese-brazilian.php (Google Translation)
Portuguese European : pt_PT-portuguese-european.php (Google Translation)
Russian : ru_RO-russian.php (Google Translation)
Spanish : es_ES-spanish.php (User Translation)
Thai : th-thai.php (Google Translation)
Urdu : urdu-urdu.php (Google Translation)
Custom Language : zz-custom-language.php

In the theme directory you will find a folder /stallion-seo-theme/languages/ with files en-english.php, de-german.php etc… and zz-custom.php which include the above Stallion options in various languages. zz-custom.php includes the default English settings which can be edited to your needs. If you do edit a file I suggest installing a child theme (can be the free example child theme) and put the file in the child theme folder so when Stallion updates your edits won’t be lost.

Each file has a tick box, tick German for example, click save and all the options are changed to the settings in the de_DE-german.php file.

You can see above most of the translations are Google Translations, if you make a better German translation happy to include it in the next update. The de_DE-german.php file can be edited like a text file and looks like this:

$st_options10[‘st_lang_comweb’] = ‘Webseite’; # Website
$st_options10[‘st_lang_comtitle’] = ‘Geben Sie Ihre Meinung Titel’; # Comment Title

Pretty straight forward what to change if you want the settings in the file and not manually added via the options page (if you don’t want to edit the file you could use the Google translation version and edit the translations that aren’t accurate).

If you’ve installed the German version of WordPress and all your articles are in German the entire site should be in German: I have no control over default widgets, so if the German version of WordPress doesn’t have a translation it will be in English (I’d assume German will be fully translated).

The Stallion powered by link can be either turned into a Clickbank affiliate link (so any purchase via your link you get 50% of the price of Stallion) or disable it completely via the Stallion Clickbank Options page (2 clicks of the mouse it’s gone).

Stallion is built on hundreds of options, I doubt any other theme has so many parts of a theme that can be turned on/off.