Comment on WordPress Header Images by SEO Dave.

WordPress Custom Header Options There are multiple layout options for adding custom ads to the header area.

If you don’t want a header area at all (just ads where the header is) it can be turned off under “Stallion Theme” >> “Layout Options”. You’ll note there are two header areas (“Stallion 2011 Header Area” and “Alternative Stallion Header Area”), I assume you have one active, turn it off.

On this website I use the “Alternative Stallion Header Area” and on my wifes Weight Loss Site it uses the “Stallion 2011 Header Area” with the ” 2011 Title Link Area OFF” option (so we only have the big clickable header image).

You can remove the header area completely or add ads to them (add ads above for example).

There’s a widget area above the header area under “Appearance” >> “Widgets” called “Above Header Area” and I bet you can guess where anything added to that widget area is loaded :-)

That widget area is full screen width so can fit anything up to 1,000px wide, it lacks most CSS styling so you can do what you want with it. You could for example create an Amazon Carousel Widget (under your amazon account) and add either a WordPress Text widget or Stallion Custom Ad widget to the “Above Header Area” widget area and it will load at the top of the site. Depending on what you add will determine what sort of styling you’ll need.

You will note under “Appearance” >> “Widgets” there are four widget areas related to the header area, you may find one of the other three better suited to what you want to achieve.

One that can work well with a 728×90 ads is the “Within/Over Header Area” widget area. As you can read on the widget page you have to turn the Stallion Search Form OFF under “Stallion Theme” >> “Layout Options” for this widget area to become active. The search form is given priority is left on.

Anything added to “Within/Over Header Area” widget area is located where you currently see the search form on this site. If I used it the ad would be over the Stallion horse image.

If you wanted a 728px wide ad you can see you need to limit the title of the site or turn it off (under layout options) otherwise the ad will hover over the title. One interesting way to use this area is turn the site title off, load the tagline in the footer, add a header image and add an ad over the header image.

Example (test site, probably won’t stay like that long term) where I’ve got an “Alternative Stallion Header Area Header Image” (using “Computer 2” from the Stallion Responsive Child Theme set under “Stallion Theme” >> “Child Theme Options” : “Alternative Stallion Header Area Header Image”. Also set “Stallion Theme” >> “Colour Options” : “Alternative Stallion Header Area Header Image ON”) and added a PayPal form (goes to PayPal to buy Stallion Responsive) with a unicorn image that’s 739px by 105px as a Text widget to the “Within/Over Header Area” widget area, but I’ve not turned the site title off or moved the tagline to the footer.