Comment on WordPress Header Images by SEO Dave.

WordPress Custom Header Options There’s 10 custom header slots, 5 are jpg 5 are gif.

Filenames for the custom images are



If you’ve installed the Stallion Responsive Child theme upload them to


Or if no child theme:


using an FTP program.

It’s best to add it to the child theme (install the child theme), when you update Stallion Responsive using the automated update option (under “Dashboard” >> “Updates”) everything under “/wp-content/themes/stallion-responsive/” is deleted (that’s how WordPress updates themes, deletes the old files including your c1.jpg file and uploads new), but everything under “/wp-content/themes/stallion-responsive-child/” remains intact (nothing deleted from the child theme during an update so your c1.jpg file won’t be deleted).

You can see my c1.jpg file is loaded at :

You can check if yours is in the right location by using the URL above and change my domain name with yours, when c1.jpg is in the right directory you’ll see it using the URL format above.

Hmm, just realized I missed some options on the child theme options page for these, not a big deal means where there is supposed to be two ways to choose the custom images there’s one (still works exactly the same way).

If you have the Child theme active go to “Stallion Theme” >> “Child Theme Options” and set “Alternative Stallion Header Area Header Image” to “Use Original Options” (this is very important). Here is where the 10 custom images should have been repeated so they could be selected on the child theme options page, looks like I forgot to add them (has no impact on the output).

Under “Stallion Theme” >> “Colour Options” set “Alternative Stallion Header Area Header Image” to “Custom 1 JPG” if your file is c1.jpg.

For the c1.jpg to work you also should have the following set as well.

Under “Stallion Theme” >> “Colour Options” Set “Alternative Stallion Header Area Header Image ON”

The above turns the image feature ON.

Under “Stallion Theme” >> “Layout Options” Set “Show Alternative Header Area**”

The last setting is related to which of the header areas (Stallion Responsive has two header areas) you want to use. The alternative one (which I use on this website with a c1.jpg like you want to achieve) is for the 1000px x 130px header images that are used as a background behind the name of the site, tagline and search form.

The other header area “Stallion 2011 Header Area” shows images below the name of the site, tagline and search form. although you can have both headers active at the same time, for best results turn one off and the other on.

If you currently have

“Activate 2011 Header Area” ticked


“Hide Alternative Header Area” ticked

You wouldn’t see the c1.jpg file, so you’ll need the “Show Alternative Header Area**” ticked.