Comment on WordPress Header Images by SEO Dave.

WordPress Custom Header Options The Prime Ad Network error message means either a page doesn’t exist or you shouldn’t be accessing it.

Like many Stallion features if a site is set not to use a feature none of the features code is even loaded by WordPress (conserves server resources). Which is why many Stallion features have to be turned on to use them, if you have no plans to use a feature turn it off and save resources.

The settings to have the 2011 header images work is

Stallion Theme >> Layout Options

Tick “Activate Stallion 2011 Header Area”

This settings activates the “Appearance >> Header” menu, if “Activate Stallion 2011 Header Area” is NOT ticked that link should not be present.

If you change the Stallion setting from on to off right after you save the Layout options page the “Appearance >> Header” link will still be present until you load another page (the Header options page is off, but the link is present on that one page temporarily). If you click the Header link you’ll get the error message.

If you go back to say your Dashboard and try to access the Header link it’s gone, if this is what you are seeing this is normal, it’s because I haven’t put a page refresh on all of the Stallion options pages after they are saved (cause problems when I do).

It sounds like you might be experiencing the above. It would be particularly confusing if you have the Header options page open in one browser window, turn the 2011 header area off via another browser window and try to refresh the Header options page over and over again while you try various settings to make it work.

If you wish to use the original Stallion header area with the 2011 header images the settings are:

Show Original Stallion Header Area
Original Site Title Link ON
Activate Stallion 2011 Header Area
2011 Simplified Title Link Area OFF

This basically activates both header areas, but turns off the simpler header text area so you only have one home page link and site description and since you have the original Stallion header area active you can also have the Original Stallion Header Area Header Image (under Stallion Theme >> Colour Options) on.