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WordPress Custom Header Options Working on new colour designs to add to the next update, have one loosely based on a WordPress theme called Delicate that’s currently the top download (over 11,000 downloads) in the Free WordPress theme repository.

It’s currently running at my Make Money Online Blog as a custom colour scheme: you can add your own custom style sheets (CSS files) and select them via “Stallion >> Colour Options”.

The Stallion Delicate WordPress Theme Design is a clean white colour scheme, smaller text sizes than the other Stallion 6.1 theme colours and a few new images.

To achieve this required creating one CSS file and a few images. Basically made a copy of the Stallion Simple 2 CSS file (style-simple2.css) and changed it’s name to style-custom-01.css, edited a relatively small amount of the CSS within (probably less than 5% changed). Uploaded the stylesheet to


and images to


and selected the “Custom 01” under “Stallion >> Colour Options : Stallion Theme Colour”.

This new colour scheme can utilize all the built in Stallion 6.1 features, the 9 layouts for the sidebars, everything, so it’s better than the Delicate WordPress theme :-) it’s loosely based on.

That’s how easy it is to create a custom colour scheme for Stallion 6.1+.

In the next Stallion update I’ll incorporate the new colour scheme directly into the Stallion zip file. If you’d like to try this new Delicate colour scheme before it’s added to the next Stallion update download this zip file:

Update: Zip no longer needed, Stallion 6.2 released.

Extract and find and upload the /wp-content/ folder within to the root of your site using FTP. If you have WordPress installed in a sub-directory upload the extracted /wp-content/ folder there (basically find where your /wp-content/ folder is and upload there).

The zip file only contains a handful of files (one CSS file and so doesn’t overwrite any of your current files (assuming you haven’t added a Custom 01 style already).

When Stallion is updated above 6.1 you will not need these files. When you update to Stallion 6.2 via the built in Stallion theme updater for example you’ll have to change the “Stallion >> Colour Options : Stallion Theme Colour” setting to whatever I call this colour option (probably “Stallion Delicate”).