Comment on WordPress Header Images by SEO Dave.

WordPress Custom Header Options What you want is not built into Stallion WordPress SEO v6, but I have come across the concept before. Was about to give an answer that would have you digging through the CSS and template files for hours, but then realised there’s an easier way :-)

You can disable the site title link on the header area via the Stallion themes options page which means the first part is built into Stallion.

Second part is build some code with the image within it to replace the link you just removed and use CSS to place the code where you want it.

I already use this concept with the navigation menu so should be relatively easy to adapt.

Make yourself an image link within a div with a class=”headerimageclick” and add it to the footer.php file just above the end /div tag just before the last /body tag.

<div class="headerimageclick">
Image link code here

Add some CSS to the main style.css file

.headerimageclick {
position: absolute;
top: 50px;
left: 20px;
width: 500px;
z-index: 100;

Play around with the top, left and width px sizes to get the positioning right.

This will position the code within the div tag 50px from the top of the page and 20px from the left (you might not need width, set it as the width of the image).

You’ll be able to use this technique with the built in header images as well, so you can have a header image and on top of that your clickable image link.

I’ve not tested this code, but I’ve used similar so should work.