Comment on WordPress Hacks by SEO Dave.

WordPress Hacks Thanks Mark, got WordPress 3 beta working with the option for others to register their own blogs (basically WordPress MU).

I was thinking about using WordPress 3 when the full release is out on my politics site after the UK general election (May 6th), but on a test site running WordPress 3 beta resulted in the main installation adding /blog/ to the URLs!

If I converted a current WordPress 2.9.2 installation to WordPress 3 AND converted it to run like WordPress MU it would mess up the vast majority of the main installation!!!

Looks like on old sites I will of course be able to upgrade to WordPress 3, but not to WordPress 3 with the MU feature without causing major headaches, which is a real shame.

I wonder why WordPress development added the /blog/ bit? Admittedly I’ve not looked for a work around.