Comment on WordPress Hacks by Mark.

WordPress Hacks Dave I am already running WordPress 3 MU. SU and MU are installed on one even in the beta. It really could take WP to the next level if you it is that type of site that is kind of a community. But I am testing it before I put it on a larger site.

All you have to do is add one small line of code in the wp-config->>

Then you are all set go to your dashboard ->> tools ->> networks and you will be all set.

MU/buddypress has its own theme. A couple of extra files.

Oh Again I had a site giving you income as I was so busy last month I overlooked changing the code when I was playing around with my site :)

I looked for a solution to FTP one WP set of files to many sites all at once – but did not find it – yet- but I use core FTP and can take one set of files and upload them to multi sites, one at a time.

I know you must be busy as I heard there was an election or something in the UK? I am not sure. :) But anyway I always swing back to this site now and then as you always have some innovative ideas on SEO making money online. Your always testing and trying to improve.