Comment on WordPress Hacks by SEO Dave.

WordPress Hacks I’ve played around with autoblog plugins like caffeinated Content (not tried that one), but so far they always get penalized in Google long term (lots and lots of autoblog SEO tests).

I have some sites running that add content automatically from Google news (rss feed), but the traffic is pathetic. So currently not looking at adding more (waste of resources on my servers).

My recipe site I bought a WordPress script (WordPress Datafeed Import Script) that allows you to import datafeeds (csv format only) into WordPress. I had my eldest son (goes to University this year to study a Computer Programming degree) to write a PHP script to convert 100,000+ recipes in a weird format into csv format and then used the WordPress Datafeed Import Script to import them into WordPress.

I’ve not used the WordPress Datafeed Import Script since about WordPress 2.6 and it looks like the author is no longer supporting this product, so no idea if it will work in WP 2.8 and looks like it will break eventually. I personally wouldn’t buy the script today because of the lack of current support. Doesn’t help that the author used security PHP coding so you can’t edit the scripts code yourself (so if it breaks, you’ll never be able to fix it).

David Law