Comment on WordPress Hacks by Phil.

WordPress Hacks Hi David,
thanks for your reply – and so soon after I posted too!

It may appear that I know more than I do, though. So while your answer is interesting, I would need more detail to achieve what you seem to be suggesting.

I know my way around html and css – but when it comes to php, javascript and WordPress structure I resort to guessing what something does then performing trial and error until I get somewhere. Hence, the code pasted above became the solution simply because whenever I tried to take more away the whole thing collapsed.

As for SEO on the ‘blank page’, it would, of course, be nice to be able to do some – if you come up with a solution I’d be glad to hear it. Currently, I intend direct linking so organic listing for the sales page will have to suffer until I figure out how to do what you suggest.

By the way, for anyone interested – I wanted to change the ‘someimage.gif’ not only to another image but, due to its prime position, to a banner ad for an affiliate offer.

I’d love to say I came up with the solution but, as usual, I simply came up with the right google search – and this is what I did:

– it works perfectly.

By the way – any thoughts on Caffeinated Content or that kind of plugin?

Thanks again,