Comment on WordPress Hacks by Phil.

WordPress Hacks Hi David,
I’ve had your template for a couple of months now, but only just took the time to read this very useful series of comments.

My idea for using your template was to assist in getting some good ranking for my sites as I build them. Planning on perhaps swapping to a more visually appealing template once traffic is established (a magazine theme like the Revolution ones, etc).

At the same time as building content and links to the site, I promote affilaite offers. One of the best ways of doing this, I decided, is to create a static page with a landing page/squeeze page.

WordPress isn’t ideal for this sort of thing so what I’ve done is create a custom page, and strip as much of the WordPress code as possible without breaking it – so I can still use the WordPress html editor to create the page I want.

This is what I’ve done, I wonder if you might comment on it:

Template Name: TalianSalespage

div id=”content_talia”
div id=”post-entry”
?php if(have_posts()) : ?
?php while(have_posts()) : the_post(); ?
div class=”post-meta” id=”post- ?php the_ID(); ? ”
div class=”post-content”
?php the_content() ;?
div class=”post-fixed”
?php endwhile; ?
?php else: ?
?php endif; ?

When I use this as a custom page, I am able to add html code to the page editor and get what looks like a standalone landing page/squeeze page with some low key links back to the home page just to keep the SEs happy.

I believe that ‘standalone pages’ are less SEO friendly so I thought this might be a good way ahead. I’d be interested in your expert opinion on this – and have I stripped the page code properly (it seems to work!).

Finally, I’m assuming you don’t load each of those recipes individually – and somewhere you mention ‘fed’ content – what do you recommend for this? I am currently trying a plugin called caffeinated Content which pulls from article directories – do you have any experience with this or similar ‘Content trawlers’?

Many thanks for a great wordpress theme.