Comment on WordPress Hacks by SEO Dave.

WordPress Hacks Hmm, I’m using this standard WordPress code for the footer area copyright sign and date:


The above is within the footer.php file (/wp-content/themes/stallion-responsive/footer.php).

The time bit looks at the date of the last WordPress Post or Page date and uses it for the date.

So for the home page it’s the year you last made a Post, for a Static Page and WordPress Post it’s the date it was posted.

If your WordPress site is new and you’ve deleted the Hello WordPress Post you won’t have any posts to grab the date from on the home page, so it would be blank until you post a post: guessing you’ve got no posts.

So it’s showing when the content was posted as it’s a copyright notice and that’s standard practice to use the date the content was posted.

If you wanted it static you could either change it to say 2015:


Or if you want the current year use PHP date:


The output would always show the current year.