Comment on WordPress Hacks by SEO Dave.

WordPress Hacks If you use the Stallion Responsive Theme probably (not knowing which borders can’t be 100% sure: assuming below you want to remove borders that have different colours to the background) no need to manually edit any files.

If a small amount of cosmetic changes, choose the Stallion Responsive Theme Colour and Fonts under “Stallion Theme” >> “Colour Options” that are close to what you want.

Set “Stallion Theme Font Scheme”
Set “Stallion Theme Colour Scheme”

When you have the main colour and font combination closest to what you want (there are hundreds of combinations: 20+ fonts, 30+ colour schemes: more to come), again under “Stallion Theme” >> “Colour Options”.

Set “Colour Scheme CSS Inline/File Creator Selector” to “Colour Scheme CSS Inline ON”.

This will add a new options page under “Appearance” >> “Colour Scheme CSS Inline”.

Here you can change the colour of almost everything including most borders. To remove a border match it’s colour to the background, a white border on a white background is hidden.

For example if you look at the bottom of this webpage the footer has a thin line above the footer copyright info, that’s a border which can be changed under “Appearance” >> “Colour Scheme CSS Inline”:

“Footer” >> “Footer Top and Bottom Border”.

If I set it to white (#ffffff) it would be hidden.

BTW Be more specific in what you are trying to achieve, there are a lot of ways to change things using Stallion Responsive, without knowing what you are trying to do it’s guess work trying to provide the best/easiest solutions.


PS The comment thread you replied to is quite old, Stallion has many new features since that time, the colour/font editor for example is new so where a user would manually edit a CSS file in older versions of Stallion, today it’s all built into Stallion Responsive. Almost everything can have it’s font/colour changed.