Comment on WordPress Hacks by SEO Dave.

WordPress Hacks The style.css file isn’t used by Stallion, all the CSS files are under the /stallion-seo-theme/colors/ folder.

Two CSS files are used a layout file layout-***.css and a colour file style-***.css.

The Layout file is set under Stallion Layout Options and the Colour file set under Stallion Colour Options.

Those are the files to edit, if you are using just one layout and colour scheme sitewide (so not set any layouts/colours under the Post edit screens) you would edit either the layout or the colour CSS file your site is using.

So if you have the layout set to “4 – Main Content 660px : Right Sidebar 310px” you would edit the file layout-310r.css. Or you could edit the colour file, if it’s set to “Stallion Delicate” edit the file style-delicate.css.

Since the Layout file is loaded first and the colour file loaded last code wise if your CSS overrides something Stallion already has CSS rules for it’s best to add it to the end of the colour CSS file not the layout file. CSS rules are run in order they are read code wise, so if you were setting the h1 text color to red and Stallion has it set to blue (which would be in the colour CSS file sincethat’s where colours are), if you added the red h1 code to the layout file Stallion would use the blue h1 code from the colour file because it was read last code wise.