Comment on WordPress Hacks by Ratanak.

WordPress Hacks Thank you so much David,

I don’t know whether my blog is completely cleaned or not now because it was handled by my hosting supports. They said that they deleted the malicious file and they also scanned my server files to make sure there is no any malicious virus.

Sometimes as what you mentioned the hack would be probably leaked through my PC and FTP while I am now mostly using it. But I always am careful of the various into my PC. I think i should buy Mac so that there is no any virus into the PC.

I lost over 30 posts of my blog, affected by the hack. It changed all the words to what I could not understand so i decided to delete them.

Oh, I am wondering about the slider. Sometimes it works well but sometimes it does not work. Why?

I want to delete the main ads option in the homepage or archive page but i could not find the place to delete it. Then the main adsense will be displayed only in the single post. You know, your strategy you told me was not what i need to get ads display. I like it displaying inside the post, like the main adsense but what you told me, the ads shows at the top of the post. Not chachy !!

Therefore, i think if i just delete the code in the main home page and archive page, the ads will not appear but the single post will.

Thank you,