Comment on WordPress Gravatars by Mark.

WordPress Gravatars I have tried a few more gravatar plugins. I am using something called “Extended Recent Comments” now as a stop gap pluging until something better is hacked.

It is not as nice as Wizzart in terms of design or function.
It is exactly like the stardard recent comments with an gravatar as a background image.

It links to the comment rather then the post, which might be better, as often I have comment back and forth on the same post and I end up having 5 or more links to the same post on each page. Better might be to the comment?

Also Wizzart went crazy with links, that is every element from the excerpt to the post title was line. But I noticed people clicked a lot from that plugin. I guess that goes under the category, ‘dont make me think’. That is, make it as easy as possible for me to click on something. I do think the excerpts helped.

Although links everywhere in that widget might not good be for seo since link juice went all over the place.

I wonder if there is an easy way to make someone’s Facebook image show in the gravatar without turning people off to take an extra step to registar.

I will continue to play with ways to increase the conversation on my blog with things like gravatars and social type widgets. I am ramping up efforts to increase time on site and repeat visits.