Comment on WordPress Gravatars by Erik.

WordPress Gravatars Thanks SEO Dave, appreciate the response. Again, not the most important thing, but it’s nice to see the SEO thought that goes into even the gravatars, which is something that I think most people would overlook.

For me it is mainly aesthetic as I am trying to tweak my site’s look to make it more user-friendly and inviting. So if a fix presents itself and mystery man returns, great but there are probably bigger fish to fry.

On that note I also just started using the thumbnails feature which I just love. I have a lot of good images on my site, and using thumbnails adds a lot to the main page.

It is a much more colorful, nicer look for the reader. I also think it probably helps click-through a bit from my main index page (and my analytics stats from the past week seem to bear that out, with the exit rate from the main page dropping around 10% since turning thumbnails on). So I’d recommend trying it for those that have images on their posts.