Comment on WordPress Gravatars by Erik.

WordPress Gravatars Hi David,

Just 2 quick questions–I noticed you have threaded comments enabled here on the Stallion Theme page. I’ve hunted around, but can’t seem to find any option for that. Is this possible to enable somewhere, or is it a plugin, or…? I have a pretty active blog comment-wise, and something like this would help the dialogue.

The other thing–I can’t seem to change the default gravatar symbol which appears in my comments.

The theme shows individuals’ gravatars themselves just fine. I would like to switch to the mystery man design for commenters without their own gravatar images. But even when I do so in the WordPress control panel, it continues to show the standard blue sideways “G” symbol regardless of what I select in the panel.

Thanks again for taking the time to offer such great support on this theme.

All best,