Comment on WordPress Custom Nav Menu by SEO Dave.

WordPress Drop Down Menu Since you’ve used the older Stallion Responsive code no quick fix.

The new HTML and CSS code for Stallion Responsive 8.1 is significantly better than the 8.0 code from a performance perspective.

You’ve lost your mobile menu because I stripped out the need for javascript to create the mobile menu, but you’ve added the HTML part of the code back in, but not the javascript (some jquery scripts). I removed quiet a bit of PHP code from Stallion to remove the javascript it no longer uses.

So you’ve added half a feature with poor performance metrics back in to add a little bit of CSS styling which I guess could be added to the 8.1 CSS code.

You’d have been much better off starting with Stallion Responsive 8.1 CSS code (shouldn’t need to touch the php template files) and adding CSS code you wanted (the hoverover colour stuff) to the end of the mobile.css file or the end of the colour css file.

BTW Nice hoverover menu colour feature.