Comment on WordPress Comment SPAM by SEO Dave.

WordPress Comment SPAM A Stallion Responsive user has found a bug in the SPAM comment filters built into Stallion Responsive.

When under “Stallion Theme” >> “SEO Advanced Options”

These three settings are set:

“Hikari Comment Titles ON**”
“Author Links ON”
“Block Comment SPAM ON**”

If any of these are OFF it’s not an issue: on this site I have “Author Links OFF”, so this site not affected by the bug.

And a commenter writes a comment and doesn’t add an author URL AND a comment title (both have to be blank) one of the SPAM filters for blocking SPAMbots trips and the commenter gets this error message:

“Sorry, two or more comment fields have the same content which suggests you are a SPAMbot, go back and make all comment fields unique.”

I coded for this, but it’s not working (not checked why yet).

Stallion Responsive option fix:

Under “Stallion Theme” >> “SEO Advanced Options” set

“Block Comment SPAM OFF”

This turns off all spam filters, so you would need something like Akismet (it’s a performance hit using it) for dealing with SPAM.

Code fix

Or for a temporary fix until I figure out why my code isn’t working edit:


change the line:

$sturlck == $sthikarititledcommentsck ||


#$sturlck == $sthikarititledcommentsck ||

Update: don’t do the above, have a proper fix, see bottom of comment.

This disables the comment title and author URL duplicate check completely, but leaves the rest of the SPAM checks intact.

This won’t be the end bug fix for this, I’ll figure out where my code has gone wrong and fix it so that check won’t trip when both are blank.

I’ve been working on the Stallion Responsive 8.2 update, since this is an important bug (very easy to trip) I’ll speed up the release schedule on 8.2.

Working on a social media feature (not an easy one to code) and want to get it done for the next update.


Update: Wasn’t hard to fix, took 10 minutes to find and fix.



find the lines:

if (
$stauthorck == $stemailck ||

And change to this code:

if ($stauthorck == '') {$stauthorck = 'straut123uni'; }
if ($stemailck == '') {$stemailck = 'stemail123uni'; }
if ($sturlck == '') {$sturlck = 'strurl123uni'; }
if ($sthikarititledcommentsck == '') {$sthikarititledcommentsck = 'strhikari123uni'; }
if ($stcommentck == '') {$stcommentck = 'strcomment123uni'; }
if (
$stauthorck == $stemailck ||

This will be the Stallion Responsive 8.2 bug fix. This adds an additional check for blank fields, and before comparing gives any that are empty a temporary unique string of text so two blank fields won’t trip the SPAM filter.