Comment on WordPress SEO Categories by Erik.

WordPress Categories SEO Thank you Dave, didn’t expect such an extensive reply, but this definitely helps.

Well noted on overdoing things; I don’t want to take things to an extreme but am leaning towards the custom category widget as you suggest. There are a few topic groups which segments of categories could fit within.

I am also wondering how to treat my pages – in addition to the 1400+ posts, have around 500 pages. I didn’t originally publish these as posts as a lot of theme were reference-type content and published in bulk, so didn’t want to bombard blog subscribers. It is actually some of my best content though, in terms of traffic and how extensive it is.

Am thinking it may make sense to convert them to posts (since as I understand in WordPress categories are for posts only) to allow them to be used within the SEO Posts widget (unless that would be harmful to the converted pages in some way). That would then give the ability to incorporate some of these into a Silo structure as well and use them with the Stallion SEO Posts widget.

I guess I have enough posts to work on as it is, so this isn’t as pressing of an issue right now :)