Comment on WordPress SEO Categories by Erik.

WordPress Categories SEO I had another thought while reading your reply, I don’t know that there is an answer so no need to reply, but for what it’s worth…you suggest that Amish Food is related to Amish Furniture, which it definitely is, but I wonder if it is related closely enough?

For example, I have categories for Amish Shops, Amish Woodworking, and Amish Business, which are arguably all more closely related to Amish Furniture. I guess it’s a matter of how focused a page needs to be, and also maybe you can overdo it. And I know as you said there is a balance between being user-friendly and natural and optimizing around keywords and niches.

As you say with 50 categories you wouldn’t want a sitewide widget (I realize I wrote 30 in my reply above but may end up closer to 50 as you suggest); maybe I would simply “batch” categories in related groupings, and use them on appropriately related pages.

Or maybe I am overthinking this bit :)