Comment on WordPress SEO Categories by Erik.

WordPress Categories SEO Thanks Dave, great answer, some nice ideas here that helped me think through what to do with my categories. I like the idea of just creating a widget with links to some of the categories and using it selectively, so you don’t have 40-50 categories anytime you use the category widget. Makes sense (and I do agree a feature where you could selectively choose which categories to display via the category widget might be handy).

30 categories might be ideal for me; I know that in the SEO Silo Tutorial you suggest displaying more than 25 links is getting to be a lot in terms of the number of posts you show on that page. I guess I could do this and limit it to just show the first 25 in cases where I have a category with more than 25 posts.

I also considered for now making around 30 categories, but with one or two of them being larger than the others to contain the lower value posts (ie less content/less well-optimized) and having more posts in those 1 or 2 “holding” categories than the others (up to 100?), at least until I decide what to do with those posts.

This may not be the optimum solution, but since I keep creating new posts, and every post needs a category, need to figure out what to do with all the posts. Maybe simply keep creating new categories for each 25-50 posts, would probably be 3-5 new categories/year at my writing pace.

I think your test decreasing from 10 to 5 per category page is interesting. I had wondered about this in the past. It seems like 10 is the default or standard number of posts per archive page on a lot of sites, but maybe there is an advantage to having fewer per page.

I’ll be curious what you learn from that test.