Comment on WordPress SEO Categories by Erik.

WordPress Categories SEO Hi Dave, not sure if this fits better here in the categories/tags section, or on the SEO Silo tutorial, but I had four questions related to using categories and how that might fit into a silo strategy.

I’ll put the link to that article below for anyone who wants it as a reference, I found it very helpful in explaining the silo concept and how to achieve it pretty easily using the Stallion SEO Posts widget.


I know we’ve discussed categories (and tags) in the past but just wanted to get your thoughts with the concept of siloing links in mind.

1) Is there an ideal number of categories, or if not, a max number of categories you’d try not to exceed?

I have about 1400 posts which would be categorizable (rest are pages) and trying to look how to best do that, keeping in mind your use of categories to silo links via the Stallion SEO Posts widget.

2) Which page or pages should display the category widget? Does having it on just the home page suffice? I know we’ve discussed using category links as a way to make sure Google spiders content across your site (previously I had it displayed on every page of the site).

If the categories widget is just on the home page, will that suffice to let Google and other spiders crawl content across the site?

3) Related to #3, is there a lot of value in having clickable Category links switched on for each post in the meta date area (ie, the little links which appear next to the date)?

I know you have it as a “suggested setting” in Stallion Responsive Layout Options. Is this mainly recommended to strengthen the category pages, or is there another reason?

4) Do you have any recommendation on what to do with tags? I have a lot of old tag pages (over 80 total!), some get search traffic in their own right, however they don’t lend themselves to easy sorting/siloing via the Stallion SEO Posts widget like categories do.

Plus, 80 just seems like way way too many to me.

I also know you don’t use tags at all and don’t recommend them, but just wondering if you had any advice for users who have been using tags, as to what to do with them moving forward?

Thinking of converting the best tags to categories, and then using the categories in a silo structure. But not sure if it isn’t better to just create a new category with the same name as the tag.

Thanks for any thoughts you have, maybe it is better to split this up into different replies, feel free to do so if you feel that is useful.