Comment on WordPress Autoblog Plugins by SEO Dave.

WordPress Wprobot Autoblog Plugin You aren’t wrong about the Stallion design in 2011 since if you don’t like it, you don’t like: it’s subjective, you can’t be wrong in what you like/don’t like :-)

Others like the main Stallion design (the colours) which is based on Talian (the original Talian 1 was a very popular theme a few years ago), I have to admit when I first started working on the Talian colour scheme I didn’t like it, but it grew on me and it was the most popular design I sold on the site.

SEO wise Stallion is going to be very difficult to improve upon and any new SEO features are going to add minor SEO improvements: though I said this when I created Talian 5 and Stallion 6 has some significant SEO upgrades :-)

In an update I worked on layouts: the sidebar location Stallion went from a double 200px wide layout only to covering all the basic layouts possible, other than adding sidebars within sidebars not much else I can improve there.

Stallion Sidebar Layouts
Left 200px Right 200px
Left 200px Left 200px
Right 200px Right 200px
Left 255px Left 165px
Right 255px Right 165px
Left 310px
Right 310px
No Sidebars

Worked on custom ad options: on top of widget locations strategically placed through out the theme allowing the addition of ads and other widgets almost anywhere there’s two easy to use custom ad widgets. I’m using both custom ad types on this site, they are the 125px by 125px ads and the large Stallion banner at the bottom of the right menu.

Also made a start on improving the aesthetic appeal of Stallion sites, added the TwentyEleven header system. My version is better than the original, both SEO wise and user wise, with TwentyEleven and other themes based on TwentyEleven you are limited to the theme developers images and one more image you add. In Stallion there are image sets, and custom slots for 10 of your own packages (up to 80 more images). Like with TwentyEleven you can associate an image with a post and have it show in the header.

Added two image based navigation menus, one that’s used with a thumbnail feature I added that gives you a featured post slider.

I’m concentrating mostly on the user experience. So far added new colour schemes.

Added a YouTube widget, this takes the YouTube videos from a YouTube feed and puts them on your sidebar. So if you have a YouTube channel and want the latest videos from it on your blog automatically, this will achieve it. Added a Google translation widget, this widget allows your visitors to change your content to another language via a drop down menu, I’ve associated this into the Google analytics code built into Stallion, so you can track language translations as well.

Also working on a better author box, got the code to allow users to add more things to their author page (your profile page). WordPress core has email, website, AIM and a few other options I don’t think anyone uses.

Can add
Twitter Username
Facebook Username
Google Buzz Username
LinkedIn Username
Flickr Username
Youtube Username
Pintrest Username

Just have to incorporate the code into the Stallion author box so you can link to those external sites above.

So now I have the SEO pretty much done and dusted I’m working on the user experience.