Comment on WordPress Autoblog Plugins by Terence Milbourn.

WordPress Wprobot Autoblog Plugin David,

You’re not misunderstood. You misunderstand!

You tend to see everything like its a science and forget that there are humans involved; which makes it more of a black art. I guess I can see why you relate to the mathematical needs of the search engines (its easier), but don’t forget, humans have needs too.

What good is a website which uncannily draws in the traffic via the search engines, if when they get there, there first reaction is – ugh! SEO without a welcoming, easily understood, clean, modern theme design is somewhat pointless, don’t you think? They both go hand in hand.

And I guess the majority of your customers are not developers, or they would create their own themes. So how many more customers would there be if you stopped designing the look and feel (and brought in an expert), and stuck to doing what you are expert in?

Just my two cents, but I think you would have a much greater success if Stallion Theme (horrible name too by the way – what have horses got to do with it?), was designed to look as attractive is it works underneath.