Comment on WordPress Autoblog Plugins by SEO Dave.

WordPress Wprobot Autoblog Plugin Of course there’s a lot more to SEO than getting things right on the site/page, in fact off site SEO factors are more important than onsite SEO factors.

If a site has no decent backlinks (nothing more important than aged backlinks), resulting in a fair amount of link benefit flowing through a site it doesn’t matter how great your onsite SEO is because it’s only going to rank for the easiest of long-tail SERPs. In comparison a site with awful onsite SEO, but lots of decent aged backlinks can rank high just because of the aged backlinks (aged backlinks results in an authority site).

Basically a strong backlink strategy can make up for what you loose by not fully SEOing everything onsite, but if you have a strong backlink strategy and fully SEO’d it’s better than just a strong backlinks strategy.

WordPress themes in general do not increase a sites backlinks, there are plugins that can help, for example I’ve used the CopyFeed plugin which adds links to your RSS feeds, when autobloggers use your feeds to create sites you gain free backlinks links.

Do a Google search for 6a1bca1906e697d83e6b6242198d3b22 and it shows sites that are copying the RSS feed from a jokes site of mine, that’s free backlinks, they are going to scrape my RSS feed anyway, now I get a handful of links for each post they scrape.

Even then the plugins that generate backlinks tend to be of low quality, for SEO success a lot of your time is going to be spent gaining backlinks, not SEOing content etc… that sort of free backlink isn’t going to get a site ranked high for hard SERPs. Might be OK on an autoblog with loads of content, all depends what you consider successful : a domain that costs under $50 a year to maintain etc… is a profitable domain if it makes $200 a year say.

Although a major feature of Stallion is protecting wasted link benefit by removing nofollow links and making it easy to cloak affiliate links etc.. (which for an autoblog is a must do to hide autoblog footprints). Stallion does a lot more than save link benefit.

Have you installed Stallion on a test site Mike? If you haven’t you won’t have seen all the SEO and other features. There are hundreds of options not including some of the plugin like features built into Stallion (they aren’t all SEO options).

Example of the built in Stallion SEO you won’t get with any other WordPress theme.

Do a Google search for

Autoblog Blueprint Course
Autoblog Blueprint Course Review

You will find one of my comments here in the top 10 for both SERPs.

I’m not targeting your Auto Blog Blueprint Course SERPs via articles as an affiliate (if I was I’d write stand alone articles), yet because of the inbuilt SEO of Stallion I’m competing for some of your long-tail SERPs during a comment based conversation I’m enjoying. That’s thanks to a combination of WordPress plugins and code snippits I’ve pulled together to form the Stallion SEO theme.

I’ve given this comment a title “Stallion Onsite WordPress SEO vs Off Site WordPress SEO” a very long-tail SERP that this site currently doesn’t rank top 10 in Google for. There’s a good chance after the Stallion SEO Super Comments Page for this comment is indexed by Google (via the link bottom right on this comment) it will be number 1 for this phrase. This is almost free organic Google traffic, I’d be writing this comment anyway, but because it’s going to form a Stallion SEO Super Comment I’ve gone to a little bit more effort to give it an SEO’d title and a little SEO through the content. No other WordPress theme does anything similar to this.

Then there’s the WPRobot 3 Autoblog Plugin Features added to Stallion, that should be right up your street. Stallion hides the autoblog footprints associated with WPRobot 3 usage and SEO’d some of the content (cloaks affiliate links, saving link benefit). Do you use WPRobot 3, I’m sure you must be recommending it in your course, it’s the best autoblog plugin around?

Assuming you are working on backlinks, why would you not want your on site SEO to be as close to 100% SEO’d as possible so it fully utilizes all your hard earned link benefit? I just don’t get why you’d waste link benefit and not add more SEO when there’s a theme like Stallion that’s designed for Internet Marketers, autobloggers etc…

The only good reason I can think of is not SEOing everything results in making more money (I don’t understand why better SEO would = less money?). If that’s the case, fine, don’t fully SEO everything. I don’t understand why you wouldn’t want both (that’s what I’m aiming for)?