Comment on WordPress Autoblog Plugins by SEO Dave.

WordPress Wprobot Autoblog Plugin I can’t deny I’m not a web designer per se, I’ve not designed a WordPress theme look from scratch, original Stallion was based on a popular WordPress theme which I took the general look of and added to the WordPress SEO ad theme framework (the SEO and ad code behind the scenes). So you are knocking the theme designer whose WordPress theme I used as inspiration, not me :-)

In the Stallion update I made code changes to make it easier to create new designs, which is the next step. In principle a lot of WordPress theme designs can be imported into Stallion just adding a css file and relevant images (next stage : watch this space).

Although Stallion has lots of colour schemes they are based on the same general look, I’m currently looking for new ideas for the next set of Stallion designs. Been looking at Internet Marketers websites for design ideas and so far they all have bog standard designs generally along the lines of the Stallion Simple design with most of the interesting features being WordPress plugins** and a couple of unique images.

** I only use plugins and other code that doesn’t damage a sites SEO. For example there’s some really nice looking social network plugins that I’d like to use, BUT they use nofollow links that damage a sites SEO.